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Not your average paint crew
Not your average paint crew

Career Opportunities

We are a painting company with an upbeat and supportive culture that encourages career growth. Our "painter growth track" provides plenty of opportunity to reach your goals while enjoying competitive benefits, including 401k, health/dental/vision insurance - all on a 4-day work week!
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Who we are


OUR PURPOSE: Personal and professional growth through providing painting services in our community.

OUR VALUES: How we accomplish our purpose is as important as the purpose itself. Fundamental to the success for the business is our core values. 

  • Teamwork is key. We treat each other with trust and respect at all times and work together to accomplish our purpose. 
  • Constant improvement. We are motivated and ambitious and we demonstrate a willingness and ability to grow with the company. No matter our skill level, we always strive to improve and to get better by setting goals, reviewing those goals, and being action oriented. 
  • Gain and maintain trust. Is an essential part of the continued success of Destiny Painting as we are in a constant cycle of either gaining, or maintaining trust with our co workers, our clients, and our partners in the community. We will always put this core value in the forefront of every relationship we have, both new and old, and in every decision, we make going forward. 
  • Not your average paint crew. We strive each and every day to WOW our clients. Average is not good enough, and we WILL go above and beyond to take care of our clients, and each other.

 residential and commercial painting services.

Our Painter Growth Track


Responsible for daily jobsite cleaning, and tool/vehicle organization. Learns basic skills such as prep, masking, and taping techniques. Learns primer/painting application on all common substrates. Learns set up, cleaning, and maintenance on airless sprayers


Ability to set up and prep a standard room/area to be painted with minimal direction.Can caulk and cut-in taped off room or area, as well as roll 1st and 2nd coats on walls and ceilings. Mill pack prep-finish trim prep, sanding, and masking


Can perform a basic room/area repaint from set up to complete, consistently with no supervision or direction and with no call backs. Learn and perform airless sprayer techniques and HVLP spraying techniques with little supervision. Can spray only with helper to back roll. Begin to understand job budgets, job site sequencing, production rates etc.


Consistent work and speed that contributes to making or berating the project budget. Communicate clearly and professionally with clients. Can use both airless sprayer and HVLP on any substrate. Ability to identify and solve issues with stain bleeds, adhesion, coverage, fish-eyeing etc.

crew lead:

Hold apprentices and painters accountable to all job duties. (I.E. Even if it’s the apprentices job to clean the job site at the end of each day, ultimately the crew lead is RESPONSIBLE to see that this is done to par.) Manage the crew, the job and the client. Set daily goals with crew and make sure apprentices are being taught the right way to do our process’. Manage client relationship and expectations.


Apprentice, Painter, Estimator, Project Manager


Assess and analyze project requirements to provide accurate cost estimates for painting services. This role plays a crucial part in securing new contracts and ensuring projects are completed within budget. Collaborate with clients, project managers, and other stakeholders to understand their painting project needs and specifications. Visit project sites to evaluate the scope, size, and condition of surfaces to be painted.


Oversee and coordinate all aspects of painting projects, from inception to completion. Your responsibilities encompass planning, organization, and execution to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet quality standards. Collaborate with clients and estimators to understand project requirements, scope, and objectives. Monitor project budgets, expenses, and financial forecasts.



Destiny Painting provides an employee the option to contribute to a 401(k) salary
reduction retirement plan through the investment firm GUIDELINE. Both regular part
time, and full time employees are eligible to participate. Eligible employees will be auto-enrolled at 3%, If you wish to waive this benefit it is the employees responsibility to do so prior to the start of eligibility (90 days after start of employment).

Destiny Painting is happy to match employee contributions up to 6% of income.

Health, dental, and vision are also available for all eligible employees. Employees
are eligible after a set amount of days from the start of regular FULL TIME employment.
It is the employees responsibility to either sign up or waive insurance benefits.

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Not your average paint crew